We are happy to share with you that in celebration of our 30th anniversary, Technica team with the partnership of Jouzour Louban planted 400 trees in the Zaarour area; a tree for each of our valuable customers, suppliers and service providers.


This comes in a series of environmental events planned as part of our culture of creating shared value (CSV)  for the enterprise & the community:

-           Starting this month, we will plant a tree for every new order we receive from our customers around the globe.

-          Our customers will receive a certificate with the GPS coordinate to view their tree


We would have created shared value for the community by preserving a green planet for future generations, and for the enterprise by sending a message to our customers that their tree will be nurtured and grown in the same manner that we nurture our relationship with them.


We are sharing this initiative with you, hoping to spread the concept and to contribute in keeping our beautiful planet green for our children.