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Mechanical Design Engineer

The Mechanical Design Engineer is responsible of creating and designing innovative automation solutions to respond to customer’s need within the schedule set and while assuring a quality and cost effective product. The candidate should be holder of BE degree in mechanical engineering and should master Arabic and English languages. Good knowledge of AutoCAD, Inventor, Vault, […] Read More

.Net/SharePoint developer

We are looking for a SharePoint and .Net Developer to support the development and customization of SharePoint 2013. The candidate must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, must adapt to fast changes as the company systems grow and must be quick learner, self-organized and team player. We are implementing and building SharePoint from scratch and […] Read More

Sales Manager

The Sales Manager is responsible of setting the vision and strategy for the sales department, coaching and monitoring the sales team to ensure sales target. The Sales Manager ensures good offers preparation, ensures good visibility of company and bonds relation with customer and manages department activities. The candidate should be holder of BS degree in […] Read More

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant will provide the executive support to the General Manager and will handle a variety of projects, from conception until completion, within a determined timeline. The candidate should be holder of BE degree in Business Administration or Management and should master Arabic, English and French languages with minimum 8 years of experience in […] Read More

Head of Customer Service

The Head of Customer service will ensure an efficient project installation and handling of claims and snags by leading the customer service department and making sure the customer is fully satisfied of the solution provided. The candidate should manage the team by applying the situational leadership model in order to have a competent team, create […] Read More

Maintenance Technician

The Maintenance Technician is responsible of executing all the maintenance and calibration tasks in the company (preventive maintenance, repairs and services). The candidate should be holder of BT-TS degree in maintenance with one year of experience in the maintenance field. Pneumatic, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and HVAC experience required. Good knowledge of work basic techniques and […] Read More

Electrical Design Engineer

The Electrical Design Engineer will design, develop, test and commission electrical and automated industrial applications in order to provide a user-friendly operational system that suits the customer needs within the schedule set and while assuring a quality and cost effective product. The candidate should be holder of BE degree in Electrical Engineering with 3 years […] Read More

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